Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Since I'm a Francophile (and struggling beginner Francophone), I decided to name this blog La Slim Femme, a Franglish name that roughly translates The Slim Woman, and which happened to be available for a Blogger blog. ;-)

This blog will document my Trim Healthy Mama™ journey, which began in December 2015. I plan on posting what I'm eating each day, meal plans, questions and answers about The Plan, and other tips and bits of advice as I learn them. (I found that I absorbed the basics of The Plan very quickly, and found it very easy to be 100% "on plan" after the first week, and would like to help others who struggle with implementing it.)

A bit about me before we go on.

My name is Carrie Willard. I've been writing online for about 13 years, currently my main blog is at CarrieWillard.com

In December of 2015, I started changing my eating habits after reading The Slim Healthy Mama book. The biggest change was giving up sugar entirely. While I had always eaten healthfully, sugar remained my nemesis, and I was thrilled to have broken hold of its shackles forever.

In the first 9 days on The Plan, I lost 7 pounds. My goal was to get to my pre-pregnancy weight (I have 7 children, and still wasn't back into my old jeans after my last baby, now one, was born).

I met that goal quickly! The weight continues to come off, slowly but surely, about a pound a week. I weigh 131 pounds at the moment, and I'm 5' 4 1/2". I wear a size 4 or 6, depending on the brand.

I don't much care if I lose more weight, although I think I would love to be 125 again! I'm happiest about being able to successfully quit sugar. I don't plan on ever eating sugar again for the rest of my life, with ONE exception: when I go to Paris, I will eat pain du chocolat. And baguettes. 

But other than that... it's a forever lifestyle for me. 

I decided to start this blog so I could talk about Trim Healthy Mama™ without the topic taking over my main blog.

And since I have a fascination with all things francais, especially French women and their eating habits, I will add my own spin on the topic.

There are many blogs that are written by people on the THM plan, but I am the only one who has that certain je ne sais quoi and will write about how to eat like a French woman while staying "legal".

Thanks for reading!

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