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My name is Carrie Willard. I've been writing online for about 13 years, currently my main blog is at CarrieWillard.com and I've written several ebooks available on Amazon. I am a wife, a mom of seven children (including a 27-weeker preemie who is now one), a homeschooler, writer, reader, walker, minimalist and whole foods nut.

In December 2015, I started changing my eating habits after reading The Slim Healthy Mama book.

The biggest change was giving up sugar entirely. While I had always eaten healthfully, sugar remained my nemesis, and I was thrilled to have broken hold of its shackles forever.

In the first two weeks on The Plan, I lost 7 pounds. 

My goal was to get to my pre-pregnancy weight (I have 7 children, and still wasn't back into my old jeans after my last baby was born).

I met that goal quickly, in two weeks.

The weight continues to come off, slowly but surely, about a pound a week. I weigh 131 pounds at the moment, and I'm 5' 4 1/2". I wear a size 4 or 6, depending on the brand.

I don't much care if I lose more weight, although I think I would love to be 125 again! I'm happiest about being able to successfully quit sugar. I don't plan on ever eating sugar again for the rest of my life, with ONE exception: when I go to Paris, I will eat pain du chocolat.

I decided to start this blog so I could talk about Trim Healthy Mama without the topic taking over my main blog. Thanks for reading!

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